September 22, 2012, Bangalore
Status: Closed

The ‘Where’ question is central to our everyday lives. Geospatial data shapes our ability to answer that question and build intelligent applications, whether on the web or on your mobile device.

Supported by contributions from crowd-sourced data projects and open source software, geo data and its technology spectrum has grown impressively in recent years. In the face of this massive and diverse range of spatial data and technologies, the ability to choose effective methods for storage, retrieval and visualisation becomes critical .

The Cartonama conference is about geographic data, the technology behind it, the applications built around it and the overarching aspect of community and mobility.


We will organize workshops along with the conference. The goal would be to provide hands-on training to collect, store and visualize geographic data, and finally, to build location-based services with these tools. Workshop theme falls into:

You can submit your workshop proposals via the submissions through the funnel below.

Speaking submissions

You can submit a proposal to speak at Cartonama via the submission funnel below. Please describe your proposal in as much detail as possible. Detail is important if you'd like to be voted up into the schedule.

Your submission will be up for public voting for up to 2 weeks before the event. For the final tally, we will only consider votes from ticket holders, as a way to ensure participants get exactly what they pay for.

Making a funnel submission does not guarantee final selection. Selected speakers will get a free ticket to the event (limited to one speaker per proposal). Proposers whose talks are not on the final schedule will be able to purchase tickets at the prevailing rate for the day on which they made their proposal.

You can buy a ticket to the event here.

Confirmed sessions

Unconfirmed proposals

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 GeoCommons and TileMill: Stories through maps.
Sajjad Anwar (@geohacker) Technology Intermediate 2 0 Thu, 13 Sep
2 Reading and Writing GeoData on the web
Yuvi Panda (@yuvipanda) Applications Beginner 4 0 Wed, 12 Sep
3 Spatial Decision Support System for Home Land Security
sanganabasayya (@ganachari) Applications Intermediate 3 0 Fri, 31 Aug
4 Ecological Niche Modeling using Open Geodata
Sudhira (@sudhira) (proposing) Applications Intermediate 4 0 Fri, 31 Aug
5 Wikiminiatlas and how Wikipedia is using geospatial data ?
Naveen Francis (proposing) Applications Beginner 4 0 Wed, 29 Aug
6 Lessons Learnt while building a "great" property search on Map
Lalit Mangal Applications Intermediate 6 1 Tue, 28 Aug
7 The basic QGIS workshop
Shashank Srinivasan (@s-shashank-s) Applications Beginner 4 0 Mon, 27 Aug
8 Map My Ride
Rajath Kedilaya (@rajath) Applications Beginner 5 0 Wed, 22 Aug
9 MyPath.IO
Govil Khatri (@govilk) Applications Intermediate 4 0 Sun, 19 Aug
10 Spatial data and environmental governance
Shashank Srinivasan (@s-shashank-s) Applications Intermediate 3 0 Tue, 14 Aug
11 OpenStreetMap
SteveC Data Beginner 10 1 Mon, 13 Aug
12 When Maps Go Wrong...
Sajjad Anwar (@geohacker) Data Intermediate 8 0 Sun, 12 Aug
13 The importance of 'messy' map making
siddharth hande (@sidhande) Data Beginner 3 0 Fri, 10 Aug
14 Now, to build location based services on Android...
Gaurav Lochan (@gauravl) Applications Intermediate 6 0 Fri, 10 Aug
15 The basic cartography workshop
Arun Ganesh (@planemad) Technology Intermediate 5 0 Tue, 7 Aug
16 Journey of an open geodata geek
Arun Ganesh (@planemad) Technology Beginner 10 1 Tue, 7 Aug