by Sudhira (@sudhira) on Friday, 31 August 2012

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Status: Confirmed

Session type

Technical level


To introduce and explore methods in geo-simulation for modeling varied geographic phenomenon.


The session aims to introduce geo-simulation that can be undertaken using some free-and-open-source modeling environment and available open-geodata. Some use cases that will be demonstrated are flood, traffic and land-cover change. Methods that make these possible like agent-based modelling and geospatial techniques will be discussed.


Participants should bring their own laptop. Links to tools and datasets will be provided. Participants are encouraged to install the requisite tools and download the datasets.

Speaker bio

A researcher of sorts interested in varied geographic phenomenon from ecosystems to cities. Has formally studied cities and attempted to map people and places. Has been trying to play with a variety of geographic datasets, tools and methods in order to understand how and why?